"Static source code analysis solution for Java, C/C++, C#, Python and RPG"

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As a foreword, thank you for your interest in our products. We are grateful for having earned your trust in software quality management, a subject we are dedicated to. Please provide the required information below.

An open source plugin is available for free download from GitHub.

Differences between PMD and FaultHunter can be seen here.

Selected packages
  • JAVA programming language



    • Metrics
    • Clones (code duplication)
    • PMD + Findbugs
    • MetricsHunter
    • FaultHunter
    • VulnerabilityHunter
    • AndroidHunter
    • Support
    • FREE

      $0 / year
    • BASIC

      $349 / year
      • 1
      • 1
      • 1
      • 2
    • PRO

      $1,499 / year
    1. For systems smaller than 100.000 lines of code
    2. Limited support
  • C/C++ programming language


  • C# programming language


  • Python programming language


  • RPG programming language


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  • FREE C/C++
  • FREE C#
  • FREE Python