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Below are the latest updates, events and other things of interest regarding SourceMeter and related products.
Free plug-in released by FrontEndART

Free plug-in released by FrontEndART

29th November 2013

FrontEndART released the free version of SourceMeter also available as a plug-in. The plug-in simply replaces the static code analysis engine in order to improve the precision of the analysis and to widen the code quality assessment possibilities on a familiar user interface.

Key features:

  • Improves the precission of static code analysis
    • Introduces method level source code quality artifacts
    • Recognizes the inner classes in the source code
    • Uses syntax-tree based code duplication detection instead of lexical
    • Detects Type-1 and Type-2 duplications
    • Handles method boundaries during code duplication detection
    • Improves low-level code metrics on every level of source code elements
  • Supports more than 60 source code metrics in six categories (size, documentation, complexity, coupling, inheritance and cohesion)
  • Computes more than 10 different code duplication metrics
  • Adds enhanced display of source code and clones
  • Allows drill-down to method level
  • Makes defining metric-based rule violations possible
  • Tracks the lifetime of individual code duplications
  • Comes with PMD rule violation detector prioritized by experts absolutely
  • Adds an improved, customizable dashboard for locating hotspots on each code level

The plug-in is absolutely free for commercial and personal use as well. It can be downloaded from GitHub.

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