"Static source code analysis solution for Java, C/C++, C#, Python and RPG"

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What is SourceMeter?


SourceMeter is an innovative tool built for the precise static source code analysis of C/C++, Java, C#, Python, and RPG projects. This tool makes it possible to find the weak spots of a system under development from the source code only, without the need of simulating live conditions.

The tool integrates also the best of available free static checker tools (Cppcheck, PMD, FindBugs, FxCop, Pylint) and presents their results in a unified way.

Using the results of the analysis, the quality of the analyzed source code can be improved and developed both in the short– and long term in a directed way.

Free version with limited functionality is available for all programming languages.

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Product features


Transparent integration into build processes

No need for unnecessarily overcomplicated configuration, works with most build standards out of the box


Platform-independent command line tools

Working on any system supporting Java Runtime Environment


Deep static code analysis

Calculates more than 60 types of source code metrics at component, file, package, class, and method levels


Most accurate coding error detection out there

OWASP vulnerability issues and re-implemented, enhanced PMD coding rule violations


Advanced TYPE 2 clone detection algorithm

Syntax-based code duplication detection and custom clone metric calculation


Enhanced user interface by third party integration

Improved, customizable dashboards with new method-level hot-spot widgets and source code metrics

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Source code qualification

Get familiar with the quality of the software that your business is built upon

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SourceMeter 8.2 introduces RTEHunter and Halstead metrics

SourceMeter 8.2 introduces RTEHunter and Halstead metrics

SourceMeter is extended with brand new features. Do not hesitate to get the latest version and enjoy the exciting modules.

SourceMeter 8.0 now supports C# and FxCop!

SourceMeter 8.0 now supports C# and FxCop!

The highly anticipated C# analysis support is now added to the long list of functionalities of SourceMeter! Project and Solution level static source code analysis both supported!

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